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Booth Treehouse

November 2, 2017: 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM

The Booth Treehouse provides a unique space for members of the Booth community to explore, connect, stretch and share their non-professional interests.

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Thomas Masters Gallery
245 W North Avenue
Chicago, IL


No Charge


Chelsea Vail

Event Details

Hang up your suit. Put away your pumps. Grab your imagination and join us for a storytelling adventure. Welcome to the Treehouse, a discovery destination for alumni brought to you by the Harry L. Davis Center for Leadership.  

The Davis Center believes that leadership is a life-long pursuit that involves continual learning from conventional and sometimes unconventional sources.  By sharing what you love to do outside of work and engaging in new forms of learning, you'll discover fresh insights that can deepen your impact both professionally and personally.

The program will consist of 5-6 stories/presentations/performances from members of the Booth community about leadership lessons derived from their interests outside of work.
If you have an outside interest that fuels your personal growth and informs how you think about leadership, please consider being a presenter at our the program. The format is open, but limited to 6 minutes. The discussion afterwards will be moderated by Harry L. Davis, The Roger L. and Rachel M. Goetz Distinguished Service Professor of Creative Management, Chicago Booth.

Treehouse is for both novices and experts. The emphasis here is on creative exchange, not level of mastery. If you are interested in presenting, please tell us more about your topic here.


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