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UChicago/Booth Founders: Present Your Startup

October 25, 2017: 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Founders, this is your opportunity to share what you are working on with other founders, investors and other members of the UChicago and Booth community. Apply to be considered!


UChicago/Booth Office in SF
12th floor
425 California St
San Francisco, CA


$15 admission ticket to cover cost of food and drink


Register Online
Deadline: 10/24/2017


Rama Veeraragoo, '12

Event Details

Ask your community of peers for advice, ideas and help for your startup in a friendly setting: fundraising, talent, customer acquisition, accessing the community's network, growth. To apply: please email Rama Veeraragoo: by 1 p.m. Pacific Time, 16th of October. 2017. You need to be working on the startup full-time and be an alum of the University of Chicago (including the Booth School of Business). You will have 5 min to present your startup (time limit will be strictly enforced) and 15 minutes Q&A. This is not a traditional pitch for money - this is a pitch to present your startup and ask for any areas you are looking for help on. People may have feedback on your presentation - feel free to take them on board or not - this is your call. We typically have 3-4 startups present (any stage welcome). We do not know who is in the audience until the event itself, but typically have other founders, investors and other members of the community. Hope to see you there and make sure you invite other startup founders and investors from the community. We will have a small room, i.e., limited seats, so register ASAP to secure your place.


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