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October SMPIG: Valuing intangibles important strategic challenges

October 20, 2017: 7:30 AM - 8:45 AM

Join us for our October SMPIG


Lockton Company
500 W. Monroe
Chicago, IL


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Deadline: 10/19/2017


Rachel Kaberon

Event Details

In 2007, Thomas Davenport and Jeanne Harris published Competing on Analytics which identify how companies from a wide range of industries make the superior use of information their main source of competitive advantage. Today, Information is more plentiful than water, remains unevenly distributed, and its value remains intangible and thus off balance sheet.

That seems to be changing. The precipitous fall in Equifax stock price after it announced its data breach, offers more recent evidence of changing views about the value of data. Should equity analysts and institutional investors consider a company's technical data and analytics capabilities in their valuations? A company business model that captures and leverages their data platforms that capture and maintain information, do they also recognize the actual value of its information as assets?

A series of large acquisitions in the past year suggests that the time to value intangibles seems to be near. Come Join us as we look at a few recent cases and consider the merits of valuing intangibles.

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Seating is limited to the first 20 signups. Remember to preview the articles (many are short) below in advance. Hope to see you in October!


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