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Booth Emerging Markets Summit

April 14, 2018: 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Booth EMS brings together professionals across many disciplines from investing and entrepreneurship to policy and social impact to discuss the path of growth for emerging markets

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Harper Center
5807 Woodlawn Avenue
Chicago, IL


$50 to $100


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Deadline: 4/14/2018


Veena Bontu, '18

Event Details

Over the past year, the global climate has shifted dramatically. Emerging markets have experienced commodity shocks, political instability, and technology dispersion impacting their path of progress. Globalization has fallen out of favor in certain developed regions, leaving emerging markets wondering where they fit in. Many questions arise in this new environment:

How will paths of traditional economies such as India and China fare compared to frontier markets like Ukraine and Vietnam?

How will the slowdown in US and Europe impact prospects for emerging market growth?

At the 2018 Booth Emerging Markets Summit we will explore these questions by bringing together government leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, executives and academics from multiple regions and disciplines for a day of spirited conversation. We will explore issues in the areas of business, politics, and social inclusion allowing attendees to discover and discuss how emerging markets will continue on their path of growth.


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