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SMPIG June Meeting

June 15, 2018: 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM

SMPIG: CEO, Vision, Strategy--Pick two for effective performance

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Lockton Company
500 West Monroe Street
Chicago, IL


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Deadline: 6/14/2018


Rachel Kaberon

Event Details

Strategic planning activities typically begin with a mistake, and that mistake ripples outward denying organizations from realizing success. What's the triggering mistake? Is it the CEO? The company vision? Or the strategy?

Poor execution, miscommunications, complex and/or misunderstood instructions, improper resource allocation decisions are clear signs of organizational performance issues. Rarely are they self-contained or the result of rogue behavior. It's why we went looking for clarity and invite you to preview some of the research we found and then, collectively create a prescriptive model for performance.


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Jun 2018 Issue:

Nancy Ancowitz
Self-Promotion as a Career Strategy